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Meet Gabby!

So I had a crazy thought back a few months ago. What if I had an intern? I love mentoring and I knew how important it was to get my first few weddings under a well known photographer. I started thinking of students at Kendall, where I just graduated, and Gabby came to mind. She had expressed an interest in learning more about the commercial side of photography and more specifically, weddings. I contacted her and we quickly set up a time to meet. I loved her energy and we clicked instantly. Gabby will be coming with me to 4 weddings, one of which was the amazing wedding in Grand Ledge this last weekend.

I asked her a few questions to introduce her to you and I hope you’ll join me in welcoming her to the team!

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer

So tell us a little about yourself! 
 I grew up in Texas and then moved up here to Michigan to be closer to all my family and to attend college. I am currently attending KCAD, going into my third year now as a photography major. I am engaged to my high school sweetheart, and we’re planning on having a small, intimate wedding. I have a furry baby named Brendal, my cat, who just turned 9 years old recently! I enjoy fall weather, and love mac n’ cheese maybe more than I should admit.
What got you excited to work with Liv Lyszyk Photography? 
Liv’s style with her work caught my attention. She makes the photographs seem as if she took them with film, which is something I very much enjoy. And it’s obvious to see that she really loves doing wedding photography. Every time I saw her posting about each one, she seemed so excited about the experience she just went through. She is also a very nice and down-to-earth human being, and I could tell we’d get along great.
What’s been the biggest moment of your photography journey so far? 
 Definitely this. I’m so ready to get started with my career, and this internship is definitely helping me with that.
Are you prepared for bad car karaoke with Liv on the way to weddings? 
 Bring it on!
Anything you’re nervous about? 
 I just really don’t want to embarrass myself or Liv. (just a note, she totally didnt!!)
What are you most excited to learn? 
 Definitely learning how to direct people better, how to capture those “wow” moments, and just becoming more comfortable when it comes to taking photographs of these important moments.
Favorite flavor of wedding cake? 
Carrot cake all the way.
What is the best piece of advice anyone has given you about photography? 
“Fake it ’till you make it.” People don’t really know how experienced or unexperienced you may be. Just keep your head high, speak confidently, and be positive, and it’ll all fall into place. I’m hoping, at least, that this works in all scenarios…
I’m so excited to work with Gabby these next few months. She was an incredible help and an awesome person to have with me on our first wedding and I’m excited to watch her grow! 
Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer

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