What Sets Me Apart

In recent weeks I’ve had a couple younger photographers message me asking about how I got to where I am now. I didn’t really know what to say but I am going to share with you all how I responded.

I didn’t get to where I am now without lots of failure. I’ve had dream clients not respond after seeming very interested. I’ve had to turn down people because of scheduling. I’ve put in more effort than it was truly worth sometimes. These failures have done nothing but teach me and are things I wouldn’t even consider failure looking back.

I simply have worked hard. I know that it seems cheesy to say that but it’s true. I knew that I wanted to do this, start my business, and I haven’t stopped working to improve it since I started. I charged $150 for a wedding once simply to get experience. Looking back I of course feel embarrassed by those images, but it shows how much my work and education has paid off.

I’m not any better than anyone else. I have the same education, same background, and same personality as many other photographers. But I’ve consistently pushed myself to improve and never stopped working. That is what sets me apart.

I take weekends that I have off from school and my day job to do photography. I wake up and respond to emails first. I stay up late and edit so I can get my images out to clients faster. I have invested in outside educational courses for marketing and client experience. My work is never done and I won’t ever be satisfied, because I have big dreams.

I’m not much different than anyone else, which means that if you truly know that this is what you want to do then you can do it too!

Love in the Air

I am finishing up some last details on Jen and Ryan’s photos from their wedding. It has been such fun going through all the moments we experienced. They truly have such love for one another and I am so thankful for the honor of being their photographer.❤

Wedding Day!

Happy wedding day to Jen and Ryan! I’ve been patiently waiting for months for this day to come, and I am so blessed and honored to be a part of it! Can’t wait to start celebrating.🙂

Sam and Ashley

This couple has not had an easy road. With a sudden death in the family days before their April wedding, and tons of rescheduling, we finally settled on a time and place for these portraits. Sam and Ashley are very close to their nephew and brother, so it was fitting to invite them along.

I am so happy with these photos and I am excited for Sam and Ashley’s wedding next year. They are planning on doing their original ceremony and reception on their one year anniversary! Such a cute idea.


Habitat for Humanity

Through my professional practices class at school I’ve had the lovely opportunity to photograph Habitat for Humanity builds. We will be doing a total of 8 shoots and these are some images from the first two! I am loving getting out in the community and learning more about this spectacular organization that truly makes a difference in so many lives.

Stay tuned for more!