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Liv’s Fave Beauty Products for 2018!

Hey y’all! I’ve had a lot of interest in what my fave beauty products have been! I’ve been diving into makeup and skincare a bit more as a way to focus on myself and feel good! These items are some of my tried and true favorites that I always go back to. Obviously I have different skin needs than some people, I tend to be a little on the dry side so moisture is a huge thing for me. These items will link to Amazon if you’re interested in trying them for yourself!

This Pacifica serum is AMAZING! It’s scent is subtle but it adds a touch of glow while making me feel super hydrated! The texture is more of a gel than a serum but a little goes a long way! I love this brand especially because everything they have is vegan and cruelty free which is an added bonus.

Simple brand is another go to for skincare that feels good. These wipes are more refreshing than makeup removing but I love throwing some in my bag especially on trips to feel clean and fresh. There’s a slight clean scent but I don’t think it would be enough to irritate sensitive skin.

These are my GO TO makeup removing wipes. A ton of people in the beauty community swear by them and I totally get why. They aren’t super expensive and I always have them on hand in my makeup station. These ones remove better than the simple ones listed above, both are great but serve different purposes.

Ecotools hands down has the best and sturdiest brushes I’ve used. They used to have a duo brush set that was for eyeshadows, this set has the same brushes just individually. I love that they are made of bamboo and the quality of the brush hairs themselves is super nice.

I’m a face mask lover! This value pack has tons of really neat formulas and is really inexpensive. I also usually send these to clients to spoil them before the wedding too! Everyone loves a good face mask and they make great quick gifts to have on hand too!

This is like the weirdest thing on the list but truly it works! I have SUPER thick hair, so thick that every single time I get my hair cut the stylist is shocked. I have thick hair but also a ton of it, so a sturdy detangling brush is necessary. This one for whatever reason works perfect and is easy to clean too.

Mirrors can be pricey but honestly it’s a game changer. I do my makeup and skincare routines at my office desk so this type of mirror is super needed. The light is helpful and having a way to get close up is great!

Like I said my skin is dry so when I went into a beauty store this spring they suggested this one. I love how well it soaks in and just feels like a drink for my face. It lasts a super long time too, I’m just now finishing up my first jar from April. If you are looking for one step skincare I can’t recommend this enough!

Keeping my stuff organized is key especially because I do all my beauty stuff in my office. This organizer stores all of my nail stuff which surprisingly is a lot of stuff! I like that it’s see through too so it’s easy to grab what I need quickly.

Speaking of organizing, a tiered cart has changed everything for me in terms of convenience. ┬áThis isn’t the exact one I have but is really similar. I’m able to leave my makeup stuff all organized next to my desk and then pull it beside me when I’m actually getting ready. Similar to the nail organizer above it’s nice because I can see everything I need and grab it.

This isn’t a complete list but just some of my go to items I can’t live without. It’s taken a little experimenting to see what works for me but all of these things work together to make me feel put together and pampered for relatively cheap! I hope you’re able to find some new faves out of these things and would love to hear what works for you!

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