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Liv Lyszyk is a queer and LGBTQ+ wedding photographer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Focusing on capturing diverse and fierce love for the everyday couple.







Every 4th of July that Maxx and I have been together we’ve gone up to his parents cabin in Port Austin, Michigan. For all of you non michiganders look at your right hand palm and go to the top of your thumb, that’s Port Austin. It’s a quite town, well village actually. 1 grocery store, 3 bars, 1 coffee shop, 3 putt putt places, and miles and miles of beach. It’s a cozy little town every weekend of the summer, except Labor Day, 4th of July, and Memorial Day. Those weekends thousands of people flock to the tip of the thumb to enjoy all that it has to offer. It’s crazy, but oh so much fun.

Before we went to the cabin we stopped at Maxx’s childhood home in Port Huron, sensing a Port theme? Take that same right hand palm and go to the first knuckle joint on your thumb, that’s Port Huron. We got jerky and amazing BBQ at the Country Smokehouse, that’s where the giant cow comes in. Then spent some time with some friends. After our time there we ventured up the thumb to a place I had never been before. The Sanilac Petroglyphs, ancient Native American carvings in sandstone that show some pretty awesome history. It was fun taking a little detour and getting to learn about the history of the area.

Once in Port Austin we enjoyed some awesome beer, good food, and exploring. There are tons of lighthouses in the area and we were lucky enough to see three of them, two pictured below. One of my most favorite parts of being there is going out on the boat. We tried fishing with no luck, but the views were pretty awesome! Turnip rock, a landmark in that area, was super fun to go around, especially at sunset!

Even though our time was short I loved getting away from the daily grind. It’s been an incredibly fulfilling summer with weddings, work, and friends, but getting out and seeing some new places always makes me happy. I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday weekend and got some time to relax too!

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