Acacia & Arina

Loved working with these gorgeous girls! Arina is an exchange student and I love being able to share in her special year. Acacia is already such a great host sister and it was so fun to see these two girls interact and light up in front of the camera! More photos to come soon, I just couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek.

Hollidaysburg, PA

Hollidaysburg, PA.

My mom and I took a short trip to visit my Grandpa the other day. The 8 hour car ride was made a lot easier with my mom, who was a great DJ when I was driving. We enjoyed the company, and the views were pretty spectacular too! While there I took a short evening walk with my camera. It is still fairly new, and I was happy to play with my new baby!

Pennsylvania is such a unique place. There are very few large cities, and each town has it’s own charm. Mountains are surrounding the towns in the valleys and the sky is as blue as you can imagine. The photos above are from a small old cemetery near my mom’s cousin’s house, such a beautiful piece of history. I also strolled along the field where I had seen the horses every time I drove past. They were a bit far away, but I was happy with the photos of the landscape.

I love going on adventures with my camera. It makes me go out and see and experience such unique places. I highly suggest just driving and exploring a place you’ve never been. Often times, those are the best memories we have!