Never Grow Up

A few days ago I had a blog post about the 2015 Bodies of Art Fashion show and I promised some of the photos from that event. Well, let me just tell you, low light situations paired with fast moving subjects and a not super high tech camera does not pair well. I learned some lessons and am learning to accept the fact that I didn’t do as well as I would have liked to.

The show itself went off without a hitch. Jennie Reid the president did such a great job organizing and running around getting everything done. I was so impressed with the amount of hard work from everyone involved. It was such a professional event and all the attendees loved it.

Although I didn’t get as many images as I would have liked, the ones that did turn out, came out great!

Nature Walk with Evey

Let me just get this out of the way, but HOW CUTE IS EVEY? This adorable 3 year old loved the camera and especially giving her “cheese face”. Teresa contacted me about the Spring Mini Sessions and I was instantly excited to get them in front of the camera. We headed out to Calvin College Nature Preserve and went out on a little hike. These trails were gorgeous! Close to the city but you felt like you were in the country, I loved it.

Evey was all about the disc golf too, which made Jim super happy, as he is a self identified disc golf fanatic. It was neat to learn a little bit more about the equipment and strategies they use. This session was full of energy and excitement, just the reason I love working with kids. Some of the best shots we got were of her just exploring and playing around.

If you are interested in a session like this, please contact Liv Lyszyk either her or on her facebook page

On Island Time


I think I’m still on Island Time. Key West inhabitants often refer to themselves being on Island Time, essentially, taking their time on everything they do just to slow down and enjoy where they are in that moment. Although in work situations this can be a dangerous mantra, I think we can all take some good points away from this.



Life is too short to not enjoy every moment it has to offer. With some of us in the final stretch for school, maybe a tough promotion at work, or just daily struggles. I know that I struggle with this sometimes. Hey, we all do! But my time on the island reminded me that no matter what, I just need to take it one step at a time and it will all work out.


Did I mention that one time we were in Fort Lauderdale Airport on our way home and we had to go through security a million times because they kept switching our terminals and gates? Yeah. I was NOT on Island Time. I wanted to get safely on the plane, it was a long day of driving (if you can drive down US 1 South all the way down the Keys, do it!). I had to remind myself that it would all be fine and we would get there, and hey, getting stuck in Florida isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you.



Moral of the story, take some time this week to just relax and enjoy. Spring is coming, flowers are going to be blooming, and I’m feeling chock full of inspiration for life. Nothing could be better. I hope that you find a chance to be on Island Time, I’ll be right there with you :)


In the Keys

My Spring Break week consisted of coconuts, cruise ships, good company, and sun. We headed to Key West, Florida for a week, and let me tell you, I loved the sun. Living in Michigan makes you forget what warmth and sun is, but taking a break from it all was exactly what I needed. We loved every second of it. I have finally gotten around to going through some of those images and these are a few favorites. Definitely gets me excited for when Michigan finally warms up a little. Enjoy!

Spring Mini’s!

Spring is finally (almost officially) here! That means I am itching to get out a photograph you all. I am offering Spring Mini Sessions for a discounted price until April 3rd.

What do you get? 

30 Minutes of shooting time

Up to 4 people

10 Final Images

(Color film is also available for $20 more)

All for only $100! 

Contact me at for more information and booking!

In the Studio

My Lighting class had a new assignment this week, white on white, black on black. Pretty straightforward type of project but I wanted to give it something interesting . Tara and I had so much fun shooting this together! The photos turned out amazing and it gets me back in the groove of what I want to be doing!


Clinomania: The excessive desire to stay in bed all day.

Sometimes, especially during Michigan winters, this cozy warm environment is all that we want. Today is one of those days, it is Monday and I am feeling it! I hope you all find yourselves more motivated than I am, and if not, enjoy that clinomania.