It has been a little while since I’ve been on here to update you all on things. Life has been hectic, with working, clients, school, and trying to find time to relax. I am heading into the slow season, which will bring a much needed time of relaxation and rejuvenation. I absolutely love what I do, but everyone needs a break.

School seems to be taking up most of my time these days. With 3 studio classes my time is stretched thin with multiple projects going at the same time. However, I am very happy with the work I’m producing and can’t wait to show you what I’ve been doing these last few weeks.

One of the most exciting projects was for my Studio Photography Class. I was given a food photography assignment and decided to go with the idea of vegan thanksgiving. I love thanksgiving food, and with many of my friends being vegan, and me trying to be more mindful with what I consume, I thought this would be a perfect subject.

All of the food was delicious and cooking it helped give me time to reflect on all that I am thankful for. I am so lucky to be living in a city that I love, with people that I love, and going to a school that I love. Not many people are that lucky, and for that I will always be thankful.


Female Artists in the Studio

I had so much fun working with these talented ladies. I wanted to work on a project that focused on female artists and their spaces. I find the spaces people work in are so telling of who they are as artists. I was so honored to go into their work spaces and learn more about them and their craft. First, we have Jessica Benson of Samuel Brave Manufacturing Company, a handcrafted American goods company. Then I worked with Lauren Rude of Lauren Rude Photography on her large format project for Kendall College of Art and Design. Last but not least, Deborah Bassett-Maxwell of Red Mudd who is an extraordinary potter and ceramic artist.

All of these women have such passion for their art and I am so thankful for the opportunity to share their work.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Every time I get the chance to utilize new tools and processes that make life easier for both me and my clients, I jump on it. I had been frustrated with the amoun
t of CD’s I was going through and trips to the post office I was making. Delivering images to clients is the final step in my post production process, and often the one people are most eager for.

As most of you know I recently found a proofing website that allows my clients to go in their own personal gallery and view the final images. This site also gives them the option to order prints, canvases, and gifts. I was so excited when I found this tool because it gives me more options as far as printing for my clients, and gives me the control I wanted over each step.

I try to be super meticulous about everything I do because I know how important these images are for my clients. One part that I wasn’t happy with was how long it took the post office to get the images to my clients, and the amount of time and money it took to get them sent out. Fortunately I was able to utilize a new service from my proofing website, digital downloads! I am able to offer free digital downloads to clients in their gallery and they go directly to their computer. No more CD’s, no more post office lines, just instant delivery images.

I am hopeful that this will make it more efficient for both me and my clients, the first go at it went very well! If you are interested in getting portraits done please don’t hesitate to contact me! I have one more fall mini session available, grab it while you can!

Red Mudd Studio

I was lucky enough to be able to work with Deborah Maxwell of Red Mudd Studio in Marysville, MI. For my upcoming studio project I am focusing on female artists and their work. It was so much fun to see her in action and learn more about the processes of pottery. She was able to throw on the wheel, trim, and glaze during our time together. Her pottery is beautiful, and her story about how she ended up with her own studio is great. Please consider supporting Deborah and check out her Red Mudd website 

Clean Faced Cosmetics Fall Line

Clean Faced Cosmetics is a mostly vegan company based in Grand Rapids. I have had the pleasure of working with Laura a few times and each time she amazes me with the products she comes up with. I have gotten a custom lip balm, mascara, tinted moisturizer, and a powder foundation! All of them are great! I was so excited when Laura contacted me about helping photograph her new fall line. We were focusing on her vampy colored lip balms, but we used all of her products for the shoot. I personally love how bold the colors are and how perfect they look for fall! Check out her etsy shop and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Balkema Mini Shoot

I absolutely loved working with this beautiful family! Anna, Emily, and Sam were such good sports and were eager to show off their beautiful animals. This time of year is my most favorite to shoot, the colors of Michigan fall are absolutely stunning and that is the exact reason I was excited to offer mini shoots. I’m so happy with how these shots turned out, and can’t wait to finish up editing them :)