In the Studio

My Lighting class had a new assignment this week, white on white, black on black. Pretty straightforward type of project but I wanted to give it something interesting . Tara and I had so much fun shooting this together! The photos turned out amazing and it gets me back in the groove of what I want to be doing!


Clinomania: The excessive desire to stay in bed all day.

Sometimes, especially during Michigan winters, this cozy warm environment is all that we want. Today is one of those days, it is Monday and I am feeling it! I hope you all find yourselves more motivated than I am, and if not, enjoy that clinomania.


Sophia: Survivor

Of all people I have ever met, both professionally and personally, I have never met anyone who has the strength and spirit such as that of Sophia. She is a survivor in every sense of the word, overcoming domestic abuse and many other struggles. Sophia and I went to the same schools when we were young, and I was inspired to take photographs with her last Fall after hearing her story, which can be found below. When shooting with Sophia I got to experience her joy and excitement, such a treat. I am so excited about these images and hope you are too! XOXO Liv